Thursday, March 20, 2008

Campus Life

I was in the lab while i update this. I dont know what else to do. Im waiting for the rain to stop so i can go back to college with ease. My mind currently blank and i cant even find a topic to write here. Im going back home again tomorrow. My sister had bought the ticket at 1.30 pm and the bus will stop at Pudu. *sigh*. I wonder who is going to pick me there tomorrow. My sister is going to stay at her friend's house to do their assignment thingies. And I, will left there all alone. But its ok. I can call ibu and ask her to pick me =). I wonder how is it going to be like at home. And im sure, most of the time will be spend at my grandpa's house. How is he right now?

Ok, the rain is stop. I have to go.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Anak Angkat.

Semalam aku jumpe Patrick kat tgh jalan mase otw balek kelas. Cian die tersadai sorang2. Kecik gile oo. Dengan tanpa segan, aku pun kutip la. Sampai bilik je aku basuh die. Haha.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Good To Be Home



I went back to my hometown last week. I didn't make any plan to go back actually. It just that i want to see my grandpa. After he get discharge from the ward, his condition is going more critical. He collapsed. I wasn't there. I was here in Segamat. I realy cant help myself by just waiting and asking my sister about him. And that's why i decided to go home. I want to see him by myself or else, i wont be at peace. hehe. By the time i see him, he was lying on his usual bed just like the last time i saw him. He saw me. I kissed him. He looks tired and i let him rest. I spent the day with my siblings and cousins. It was fun. I missed them. My big brother was there too. The only person who i didn't get the chance to see is my big sister. I wonder what makes her so busy. But its ok. And of course, i missed my little Nabiyah. She looks different. More chubby, more hair, and the best part is, when i took her for bath, i find out that most of her clothes doesn't suit her well. She's geting bigger. Haha. I cant wait to see her with her school uniform. She will be the most cutest girl in school. Haha. Far thinking huh. Ok. I go back to Segamat on Sunday. It touched me when my grandpa cried. But i told him i will come back next week. It just came out. I didn't mean it actually. I have so many test and it just couldnt let me to go home. But then, when i arrived at the campus, i realized that i left my wallet and my exam slip. I really have to go home. And, unpurposely, i keep the promise. Hehe. Tokbah, akak balik eh. don't worry. =)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I cant believe that i have to re-do the same assignment.
I hate to do that.
Why dont she just tell us clearly how to do this and that
before the due date?
It annoys me a lot!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My weekend (cont'd)

Actually, this week, there are too many event in UiTM segamat.
Not many la. Just 2 or 3. Im not sure =p

Kolej TS buat event ape ntah and aku memang x amek tau.
Lg pun diorang buat kat TS, malas oo nak pegi.

SR plak buat Battle of the Band.
And i got the ticket for FREE!
Thanks awak..

Ok, let's go straight.
Aku nak cite pasal malam 2.
The only thing i get excited about is that
The organizer has invited my favourite local band
Actually, sebelum ni x la favourite sgt.
Just tau 1,2 lagu je. And it's good.
I thought the rest was so-so but
amazingly, i'd enjoy every single song they had perform that night.
All of them was great.
And im dying to get them to be keep in my handphone.

And again, thanks awak..
Teman saye pergi, teman saye balik,
The ticket, the song, the picture and everything...

the ticket


Pijie :)

My Weekend (1)

Best. Sgt Best. Hehe. Jumaat malam pergi ceramah Berani Gagal bersama Aznil. Best jugak. Aku igt die kureng sikit in motivate people but i take back my words. He's good. Way too good from what i had expected. Haha. Memule die masuk dewan, memang riuh la. Bingit telinga aku duduk kat tgh2 kelompok budak perempuan yang mcm histeria. Dgn pakcik pun gile. Tp aku seronok jugak. Asek tgk kat tv je.

Ape yg aku dpt malam tu bermakne la jugak. Slot pertama pasal mcm mane nak bercakap depan org ramai. And for those yg selalu rase sakit2 perut, nak terkencing sbb cuak nak present, stage fright, bagus la klu dtg tgk. Seronok jugak. Die punye lawak mmg x berubah. Same je. Mcm tgk kat tv.

Ok, 2nd slot plak pasal berani menghadapi kegagalan. Menyentuh perasaan la jugak bile die share pengalaman die pernah gagal dlm byk perkara. Mase 2 aku terfikir macam2 n i wont put it here.

So, lepas ni, i will never give up. I will put all my trust in myself. Give all my effort in achieving my dreams. Be true to myself, to anyone. Dont ever feel down if i fail. Haha.

Nah, i haven't snap any good picture at that moment. So i just copy from web. Just for those yg x kenal.

Haha. Nice shot is it?