Thursday, March 20, 2008

Campus Life

I was in the lab while i update this. I dont know what else to do. Im waiting for the rain to stop so i can go back to college with ease. My mind currently blank and i cant even find a topic to write here. Im going back home again tomorrow. My sister had bought the ticket at 1.30 pm and the bus will stop at Pudu. *sigh*. I wonder who is going to pick me there tomorrow. My sister is going to stay at her friend's house to do their assignment thingies. And I, will left there all alone. But its ok. I can call ibu and ask her to pick me =). I wonder how is it going to be like at home. And im sure, most of the time will be spend at my grandpa's house. How is he right now?

Ok, the rain is stop. I have to go.

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AdeganKhayalan TunTeja said...

i think u should upload the blog while rain... ;)