Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Good To Be Home



I went back to my hometown last week. I didn't make any plan to go back actually. It just that i want to see my grandpa. After he get discharge from the ward, his condition is going more critical. He collapsed. I wasn't there. I was here in Segamat. I realy cant help myself by just waiting and asking my sister about him. And that's why i decided to go home. I want to see him by myself or else, i wont be at peace. hehe. By the time i see him, he was lying on his usual bed just like the last time i saw him. He saw me. I kissed him. He looks tired and i let him rest. I spent the day with my siblings and cousins. It was fun. I missed them. My big brother was there too. The only person who i didn't get the chance to see is my big sister. I wonder what makes her so busy. But its ok. And of course, i missed my little Nabiyah. She looks different. More chubby, more hair, and the best part is, when i took her for bath, i find out that most of her clothes doesn't suit her well. She's geting bigger. Haha. I cant wait to see her with her school uniform. She will be the most cutest girl in school. Haha. Far thinking huh. Ok. I go back to Segamat on Sunday. It touched me when my grandpa cried. But i told him i will come back next week. It just came out. I didn't mean it actually. I have so many test and it just couldnt let me to go home. But then, when i arrived at the campus, i realized that i left my wallet and my exam slip. I really have to go home. And, unpurposely, i keep the promise. Hehe. Tokbah, akak balik eh. don't worry. =)


muhammad faiz said...

takdir wallet hang tertinggal =P
better be home than campus.
btul tak? =)

AdeganKhayalan TunTeja said...

look like you are good sister..nice.