Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My weekend (cont'd)

Actually, this week, there are too many event in UiTM segamat.
Not many la. Just 2 or 3. Im not sure =p

Kolej TS buat event ape ntah and aku memang x amek tau.
Lg pun diorang buat kat TS, malas oo nak pegi.

SR plak buat Battle of the Band.
And i got the ticket for FREE!
Thanks awak..

Ok, let's go straight.
Aku nak cite pasal malam 2.
The only thing i get excited about is that
The organizer has invited my favourite local band
Actually, sebelum ni x la favourite sgt.
Just tau 1,2 lagu je. And it's good.
I thought the rest was so-so but
amazingly, i'd enjoy every single song they had perform that night.
All of them was great.
And im dying to get them to be keep in my handphone.

And again, thanks awak..
Teman saye pergi, teman saye balik,
The ticket, the song, the picture and everything...

the ticket


Pijie :)


muhammad faiz said...

hey. bittersweet one of my favourite too! pijie rocks!!

so far dpt ketemu HUJAN aja. damm, nak sgt tgk dorang punya gig =(

AdeganKhayalan TunTeja said...

also my fav!!!!