Tuesday, April 8, 2008


All i ever need right now is to have enough rest. Today i woke up and straightly get myself ready to class. I have class at 10. It's FAR200 class. We have quiz and i think i've done it well. Maybe. After class, me and my BEL315 group have to get prepared for our meeting straight away. It's our last minute preparation and everything is going smoothly. Just after the meeting, i get back to college. I have to do laundry. After it's finished, i went to BEL class again. Our lecturer want to give some briefing on how to answer the final paper for the course. After class, i had a quick shower and get myself ready to go out. My bf asked me to go for a pizza. We dont have much time cuz i have another class at 8pm. When we get back, i straightly go to class. I was in this class when i update this. I have to make it fast cuz i have a wing meeting at 10.30. Tht's is why i said that today was the hell of tiring day. =.="