Saturday, May 31, 2008

you've been tagged

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

Name: Nurul Tazkiah Jaafar
Sisters: 6
Brothers: 5
Shoe size: 6
Height: 153 cm [a year ago]
Where do you live: puchong
Favourite drinks: vanilla coke without ice. plain water for health (:
Favourite breakfast: nasi lemak makcik melah.
Have you ever been on a plane: yes
Swam in the ocean: nope
Fallen asleep in school: penyakit saya. tp sekarang dah kurang (:
Broken someone's heart: yes
Fell off your chair: pernah (:
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: 5 years ago.
Saved e-mails: yes
What is your room like: how i like it best.
What's right beside you: kipas pusing2.
What is the last thing you ate: jambu ngan asam.
Ever had Chicken pox: once, yes
Sore throat: rarely
Stitches: nope
Do you believe in love at first sight: no. it is temporary and often unfounded.
Like picnics: totally
Who was the last person you danced with: tina my skulmate. lame dah mase prom nite. im not into dancing actually.
Last made you smile: reading my friend alis' comment. he invited me to see him prform.
You last yelled : tadi. jerit kejut abg aku suh amek adik kat tusyen tp die wat pekak.

Talk to someone you like: yes. ibu, ayah, maktok, tokbah and all the family.
Kissed anyone: tadak (:
Get sick: lenguh menaip. sick ke?
Talked to an ex: no
Miss someone: of course
Eat: lunch.
Best feeling in the world: to be love by the love ones
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yes. daniel bucuk (:
What's under your bed: let me see first.
Who do you really hate : im trying my best not to hate anyone eventhough how much they hates me. i dont care at all.
What time is it now: 07:11pm

Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now: yes. i wont tell who is that (:
Q: Do you have any siblings: u asked me that already. a dozen (:
Q: Do you want children : yes of course.
Q: Do you smile often: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: often enuff? (:
Q: Do you like your hand-writing: sometimes
Q: Are your toenails painted: nope
Q: Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: nabiyah. haha. feels like a baby.
Q: What colour shirt are you wearing: yellow purple.
Q: What were you doing at 7:00pm yesterday : have a chit chat with family.
Q: I can't wait till: the final exam result come out
Q: When did you cry last: x igt. i cry often. for silly things.
Q: Are you a friendly person: i can be one
Q: Do you have any pets: no. but i want a guinea pig.
Q: Where is the person you have feelings for right now?: in his hometown
Q: Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now?: yes

Have you ever crawled through a window?: yes.
Can you handle the truth?: i will try.
Are you too forgiving?: yes.
Are you closer to your mother or father?: i want both.
Who was the last person you cried in front of?: ibu, maktok n hafiz. haha. aku emosi.
How many people can you say you've really loved?: ehmm..
Do you eat healthy?: haha. funny.
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex?: yes
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you?: yes
How often do you go to church?:no i dont go to church
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to?: talk to my own self.
Are you loud or quiet most of the time?: depends on the ppl i meet
Are you confident?: try to be.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago..
1- i was in 5 cekap class.
2- i just stick with ppl i am close to. im anti social at that time.
3- i dress selekeh.
4- i drink coke everytime im heading to sekolah agama.
5- nasrullah is my cinta monyet that time. i miss u anas. anas itik mane ko sekarang ha?

5 things on my to-do list today
1- sleep
2- eat once
3- tgk cerekerama ade cite sedih gile mlm ni mlm.
4- online
5- customize my blog. if i sempat.

5 snacks I enjoy
1- twisties
2- twiggies
3- chipster
4- super ring
5- ape2 pon bole.

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
1- bring my parents to do umrah
2- provide a good education to my lil sister and brother. i want them to have a bright future.
3- shopping sakan sampai mati haha
4- renovate my house.i want everyone to be comfortable
5- belanje all the family and relatives.

5 of my bad habits
1- procrastinating
2- emosi terlebih
3- study last minute
4- sensitive
5- low self esteem

5 places I have lived in
1- puchong saje.
2- *blank
3- *blank
4- *blank
5- *blank

5 jobs I've had
1- mcdonald crew.
2- do assigments.
3- wake up every morning.
4- jage perasaan org.
5- kacau adik2.

5 people i tagged
1- nurin
2- arifrusli
3- marinna
4- nabila
5- you read this, you answer (:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's answer together!

1 minit yang lalu, ape anda buat?
Nyanyi dgn penuh perasaan tp suara ttp x sedap (:

1 hari yang lalu, apa anda buat?
bangun tido, pegi kelas, quiz, pegi lab, mkn megi, tido jap, tgk kurosagi.

1 jam lagi, apa anda akan buat?
depan PC tanpa arah tujuan

1 hari lagi, ape anda akan buat?
Same seperti diatas plus buat kerja2 rumah ape yg patut or pegi umah maktok (:

1 orang yang terakhir sms kamu?

1 orang yang terakhir menelefon kamu?
Roommate ku Alin.

1 makanan yang baru dibeli?
Karipap beli ngan alin tp gune duit mak die (:

1 barang yang baru hilang?
Contanct lens lg sebelah.

1 cerita yang baru ditonton?
Kurosagi. Sgt best! (:

1 hal yang terakhir digosipkan?
Ooops! About Mulan Jamila. Gossip2 dgn ibu (:

1 kata yang ingin diluahkan..?
Seronokne balik !!! (:

1 buku yang sudah dibaca?
Novel. Ahadiat Akashah. Lagenda Budak Setan. Da lebih 10x kot aku bace.

1 penyakit yang sering datang?
Mengantuk juge...

1 keinginan?
A victory (:

Copy la and paste kat page korg (:

Thursday, May 29, 2008


[ mood : empty stomach ]
[ music : ada untukmu - nubhan ]

Kesan dari kebosanan intersesi ni, aku dah berjaya membuat bintang sebanyak 288biji. hahaha. klu x percaye kire ar sendiri.

*my lucky stars*

*what do you see?*

1st quiz.

[ mood : relief ]
[ music : there is - boxcar racer ]

Pagi td kat kelas ade buat kuiz and that was the 1st quiz utk intersesi ni. The calculation part agak senang tp aku confuse sikit dgn application punye allotment tu. Aku buat je and try to be confident with my answer. Theory part was easy for me cuz i had read through on that particular question early this morning. That was a coincidence. A good one. haha. Tp ade 1 silap ckit. Preference shareholder should be non-repayable tp aku jwb repayable. Haih. Xpe la. And the best thing is...
haha (:

Ibu dan SMS

[ mood : blur ]
[music : blurry - puddle of mud ]

Mlm semalam aku sms ibu. Aku ckp mcm ni,

Tazz : Ibu, esok 1st quiz.. Wish me luck.. Hr jumaat org blk cuti smpai hari selase.. Suruh hafiz amek kat umah kwn org kat kajang 2 tau.. Papai..

Then, she replied..

Ibu : Tazkiah boleh! (:

Soalan korg : Ape motif cite ni?
Jawapan aku : Sukati la. Aku punye blog! Sape suruh bace? daa (:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Im Craving For This!! (:

[ mood : hyper *esok quiz ]
[music : Si Dia - Julie Goes Oversea ]

[Teman Sang Puteri by Jinna Mai]

[Taiko Little Peach by Oga]

[Kelayakan Cinderella by Kikuchi Kamaro]

[8.00 Pagi, Aku Cinta Kau Lagi by Ozaki Ira]

[Teman Selamanya by Yamanaka Rico]


[ mood : dizzy ): ]
[ music : burn berlin down- bittersweet ]


I feel bad.
I think i broke someone's heart.
I only want the best in our relationship.
He just dont understand.
What should i do to make he understand?

He said he understood.
But he totally dont.
All he ever wanted is me to understand his feelings.
I want to be his bestfriend.
But when he expect more, he makes me feel bad.
And it ruined everything's up.

I want everything back to the way it supposed to be.
I dont know where to turn to when i feel down..
I still want you to be my soulmate..
Please understand..
For once and for all...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Pendrive (:

Sebenarnye aku g lab ni sbb nak cr pendrive aku yg hilang kat cni smlm plus aku nak update blog ni n menyatakan rase kesedihan aku kat korg. hukhuk. nak nanges dowh smlm. aku mengadu dkt my best friend haniff. he tried to help but.. there is no way to find my pendrive ):

That was the sad part.. Now, kite bergerak ke cerita yg menggumbirakan. hahaha.

Td otw aku g lab, ade segerombolan makhluk dr kolej lelaki come to our girl's college. Actually bukan nak dtg kolej kitorg, dowg nak dtg makan kat dining je. Lepas tu, ade sorg mamat 2, tetibe tanye,

Mamat : Mane jalan masuk dining korang?
Taz : Tu ha. Ikut tangge. (*dlm hati aku ckp, 'ape2 ntah mamat ni tanye soalan bodoh')
Mamat : Oo. Ok.

Tetibe ade sorg lg mamat.

Mamat 2 : Tolong la tunjukkan kitorg jln.
Tazz : Mengadela ko.

That was Buchaw. Baru aku perasan die ade kat situ. Aku pun meneruskan perjalanan utk meneruskan misi mencari pendrive aku. Tibe2, someone jerit pgl aku. Memule pgl 'Taz', aku x alert sgt. Pastu die pgl 'Tazmania', baru aku pndg. That was silly. haha. Bile aku pndg, rupe2nye Buchaw.

Buchaw : Ni pendrive.
Tazz : Hah? *blank*
Buchaw : Ni pendrive smlm jumpe kat lab.
Tazz : Sape yg jumpe? Baru nak cari kat lab.. *relief*
Buchaw : Die jumpe. *tunjuk kat kwn sebelah*
Tazz : Yeke? Thanx... *sengih panjang*
Buchaw n Friend : Kulit n Org Love 2 esok eh (:
Tazz : (ceh, pendrive aku dah bogel)

Ape2 pun, thanx to Buchaw n his friend. Naseb baik dowg yg jumpe. Klu org lain, mmg xde harapan aku nak dpt balik. And to Haniff, thanx 4 trying to help. I do appreciate that.

*Sebelum hilang*

*Selepas jumpe*

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gambar2 Si Comel

* Love you che yah! :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


[mood : bored]
[music : konayuki-remioromen]

Bosan gile intersesi ni. Aku nak balik rumah. Sedihnye rase berade d UiTM waktu sume org bercuti :(. Next week aku balik. Haha. Bestnye. Keje aku kat cni pas balik kelas, makan, pastu tgk cd, laundry, kemas2, tido, tido n tido. X best oo tido xde bantal busuk. Sume aku tgl kat umah. :(

Td pegi outing. Jalan2 cari makan. Kitorg makan kat mamak. Mahal gile dowh. Megi goreng pon sampai RM3. Tp sedap la jugak.

Hmmm. Esok ade kelas. Hari2 kelas 2 jam je. Ape la aktiviti aku nak buat. BOSANNYEEE!!!

* bucuk i miss u =.=

Tanduk Iblis

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud....
"Siapa yang bersolat ketika matahari hendak terbenam, maka sebenarnya dia sedang bersolat di antara 2 tanduk iblis.."

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happiness for Me. Happiness for You.

Ketakutan Melanda.

Ade org cakap final exam result keluar 9hb ni. Cuak dowh. Byk desas desus mengatakan yang kelas Cik Rahayu ramai repeat MAF270. Almost half of the class. WTH. Kebenarannya kite tunggu sahaja. Actually, im afraid of my ECO211 paper. I dunno why. I think i done it not well enough. Mungkin aku terkejut dengan soalan yg aku rase agak pelik. Betul. Dah la tukar format. Lecturer aku pun x pernah dedahkan kitorg dgn format baru tu. I mean, die x pernah suruh kitorg do exercise mcm format baru tu. Besides, lg byk teori dr calculation which is totally upset me. Nasib baik carry mark ok. I hope i can pass this paper. God help me.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Self - Motivation.

I supposed to be at home now. UiTM is on holiday. But this is what u get in return if u flunk any subject. U have to start it all over again and get the better result.

I did it. And it is not as hard as i thought it was before. I used to blamed my lecturer for giving me that f***ing low grade instead of blaming myself.

I AM the one who was wrong from the very start. Get up Taz. Take responsibility of all ur action. Everyone around has nothing to do with it. You have to blame urself first. Second, urself. Third urself. And all is yourself. IT IS NO ONE's FAULT BUT YOURS.

Now, u have to sacrifise ur holiday which is supposed to be the best time to spend with family. Yes. I have to get everything back to what it supposed be.

p/s: i miss being at home =.=

Thursday, May 15, 2008

7 Wonders

7 Facts on Taz

1. Loves her family soo much but it cannot be seen.
2. Suke study last minute. Baru masuk. (katenye la)
3. Loves Vanilla Coke without ice.
4. Easily head over heels for someone. BUT its not love okay.
5. Pedas-er is better.
6. When it comes to music, she can be universal.
7. Paranoid. fragile. softhearted. anti-commitment.

7 things that frightened Taz

1. Ulat sampah. Euww!
2. Binatang yg bersisik.
3. Losing any family members. Oh No!!
4. Flunk any subject.
5. Hantu betul.
6. Di marah.
7. Di ragut. haha

7 Songs for the meantime

1. Burn Berlin Down. [Bittersweet]
2. Tentang kita. [Couple]
3. Im Yours [Jason Mraz]
4. Jangan Bilang Tidak [Raffi Ahmad feat. Ayushita]
5. Wicked Offspring [Oh Chentaku]
6. Ikenai Taiyou [ Orange Range ]
7. Jiriri Kiteru [ Berryz Koubou ]

7 phrases which Taz always said

1. Otak mu!
2. Hah? *blank
3. Ye la 2..
4. Emm emm.
5. Sepak kang.
6. Dah kenape ko ni..
7. Hello..

7 valuables things for Taz

1. My family
2. My boyfriend
3. My friends
4. My cellphone
5. My money
6. All my anak angkat. [minnie,daniel, garfield, molley, ct8, popo, patrick]
7. Anything worthy.

7 first times in Taz

1. 1st day i start breathing : 6th May 1988
2. 1st school : Tadika Islam Puchong
3. 1st love : when i was in form 3
4. 1st job : as a crew at mcdonald
5. 1st gift for this year's birthday : Molley [thanx mahzan!]
6. 1st thing in mind when i wake up : "Where's my hp huh?"
7. 1st favorite colour : blue [now it's pink, red, n black =p ]

7 Lucky Persons [for i pass this tag around :P ]

1. Marina [ the person who passed this tag ]
2. Haniff [ my friend yg sgt memahami. sayang kamu ]
3. Faiz [ a friend who owe me a movie haha ]
4. ArifRusli [ the 1st blogger i met ]
5. Buchaw [ budak kelas eco yg nakal but sometimes interesting ]
6. Nurin [ my classmate yg satu kepale ]
7. Nabila [ my senior yg baik ]