Friday, May 23, 2008

Self - Motivation.

I supposed to be at home now. UiTM is on holiday. But this is what u get in return if u flunk any subject. U have to start it all over again and get the better result.

I did it. And it is not as hard as i thought it was before. I used to blamed my lecturer for giving me that f***ing low grade instead of blaming myself.

I AM the one who was wrong from the very start. Get up Taz. Take responsibility of all ur action. Everyone around has nothing to do with it. You have to blame urself first. Second, urself. Third urself. And all is yourself. IT IS NO ONE's FAULT BUT YOURS.

Now, u have to sacrifise ur holiday which is supposed to be the best time to spend with family. Yes. I have to get everything back to what it supposed be.

p/s: i miss being at home =.=

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