Saturday, June 7, 2008

Care to be my teacher?

[mood : happy]

[music : Serenade - Oh Chentaku]

Hey. I know my English is broken and yours is way too good. It is not my mother tongue but i realized the importance and the benefits of it and that is why im trying. Why don't u just give me ur constructive criticisme instead of saying "ei, this girl's english is awful la" behind my back. It's ok la. I dont mind at all. It is so nice of u being so sincere. I wont say "eh. mcm ko punye bagus plak" back to u. But with a bright smile and full of thanks, i will say "yeke? sori la. saye x pandai sgt" (:. u know im sweet. i love criticisme. Buah cempedak diluar pagar. ambil galah tolong jolokkan ye. thanx (:


syiad said...

kiah.sape kutuk awk?cm bagus je?haha

nadiah said...

i wonder who's dat? haha

tazz said...

ade la manusia tu. haha. malas layan.