Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Letter From Big

This entry is posted for my sister, Syida to read. sesape yg rase xnak m'buang mase reading all this monkey love thing xyah la bace okeh. haha.

Seorang kanak2 telah meng'sms aku pada suatu malam tepat jam 1.23am.

Big : ''For Love it can be force. U dont have to learn about Love. It is naturally. I love u for the way u are. We cant expect for someone to be like the person we want. I love the cute things that u do. That's make u different n special other than any girls. Thank for being there for me although we rarely talk now. I still love u no matter wat.''
Taz : Hei2. Syida is not here ok.
Big : Tau la makcik. Tolong la pos kat dia. Pls? Hehe
Taz : oh ok. I post it in my blog pastu suruh die bace ok.
Big : Okay thanks! Makcik yg baik hati. Tp i miss my sayangg ): camne nak contact. It's been like 5 days, kot. I didn't talk to her.

Itu aje yg boleh ditulis. Nanti aku kene saman x pasal2. haha. oh i forgot to mention. my sis punye hp get crashed by a car. that's why diorg x boleh contact. haha padan muke (:

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