Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is ur SONG?

[mood : relief]
[music : none]

My friend ask me one day ;

She : Lagu ape yg paling best dalam dunia ni? Klu dengar berjuta kali pun x bosan.
Me : Ntah la wei. Nak tau jugak lagu ape.

What do you think? Do you have any non-stop listenable song at the moment? Leave me a link to download if available (:


Mirrul said...

to date,pork and beans by weezer.
i sing it fork instead of pork:)

stanza said...

try 2 listen this song..

-Let's All Make Believe by Oasis..

its so haunted..n very dark deep meaning in the lyric..

-it's about the friendship that will be ever lasting..
-well it's hard 2 get a real friend
who finally needed each other..

tazz said...

yea thanx. who are u anyway stanza? (:

NaSzRa said...

check out this song. Creep by Radiohead.
ttg seorg lelaki yg mndambakan ksmpurnaan seorang wanita. n mrasakan diri penuh kekurangan.

senorita said...

can't take my eyes of you by muse, the remedy by jason mraz.

stanza said...

stanza = u will find it..:)
let it b quizzical..huhu

tazz said...

hah! i know u. mr bubblegum rite? :)