Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Lucky Star

Hey you my lucky star.
I wish you goodnight but you never reply.
Hey you my lovely star.
Shall we meet in my dreams up in the sky?
Hey you my pretty star.
Im craving to be with you even u are so up high.

My lucky star u adores me.
My lucky star u amazed me.
My lucky star keep shine on me.

But oh my, Im just a lonely star.
Which you are never to realized.

I got the idea writing this is when one night, my friend, who sometimes call me 'Miss Lucky Star' wish me goodnight as usual as he used to. But when i think back, i realized that i never reply him. Oh jahatnye. But thanx dude. U gave me this idea.

I showed him this poem so that he can give me a comment. U know what he answered? "Berterabur la u ayat ni.." i said, "btulkan la then.." he's not only make some correction, but then, he modified everyting and my writing turns out to be like his'. But i think his writing is better and simple. huh. here's what he had done.

Goodnight to you my lucky star,
I dont care if you never reply.
Goodnight to you my lovely star,
I can only dreams we meet up in the sky.
Goodnight to you my pretty star,
But i knew i cant reach you coz u are so up high.
Goodnight to me a lonely star,
Always here alone until i die..

See, this is way better than mine. I think i'm gonna stop asking u for a comment dude. haha (:

p/s ; what's up with that biscuit above. oh never mind. it's still a star (:


senorita said...

s0 sweet larh..

tazz said...

thanx farah (:

sirpot said...

POt Za'aba hehe...yeah...i think few years ago kot...miss lucky star...that should be the poem name's..;)

sirpot said...
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