Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Return

[mood : happy]
[music : White Roses by Indecisive]

Yeah. I'm so so so satisfied with my 4 days holiday. I went home and spend the time with family. Alin gave me a ride home and i thanked her by paying the toll. The first night i spent at my house before went to maktok's the 2nd day. We celebrated my older sister's birthday on 1st June [Sunday]. It was my idea and she should've thank me for that. Haha. The best thing is everyone is at home because the school is on holiday. What a perfect timing. (: . Surely i'm not gonna miss my chance looking at Ayahngah's horse. Just look ok. I still don't have the confident to ride it until now but i enjoyed seeing my cousin riding it. They dont harm of course. But it is so so so big and i am afraid if i fell down and get injured. What a bad thinking huh. I just took some pictures of them. I dont know what is their name. I only remember the previous horse which it legs get injured and sold to someone. That horse's name is Marchell. I didnt get the chance to interview the new horses. If im not mistaken, one of them named Jamaica. Hazwan my cousin told me. Ah. before i forgot, there's also a calf name Bok. Ayahngah found it somewhere with its leg injured. It is so small. Smaller than Amin. Hmm. I dont know what else to say. Evrything was just fine and i really really enjoyed being at home. Now i'm here in Segamat. I just finish my test 1 this morning. Quite hard for Question 2. Till then. Bye.

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