Saturday, June 7, 2008

Victory isn't Mine. But it Will (:

Hari ni aku xtau nak post ape sgt. Bosan gile duk bilik td. Roommate balik tinggal aku ngan Ain je. Semalam result keluar. Thank God i passed all the subject. But i still have to put an extra LARGE effort to increase my CGPA. I told my mum about the result. She just say ok and hoping that i will try harder next time. I feel useless. I wish to impress her by giving a good result. A deans maybe. That's what she expect from me. I tried. But i don't know where the mistakes at. Did i put too much effort for certain subject by neglecting others? Yah. Exactly. Ok ibu. I will try my very best to give u victory (: . Friends, pray for me and give me supprt. Push me to be rajin. Eh wait. I am Rajin. duh!

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nadiah said...

hey tazz, dont u give up. kite still ade lg 2sems to go. i know u can. :) tazz amek course ape eh? ive forgotten by the way. i think u did good bocz it was ur effort kan? :) just dont u ever give up, it is not the end of the world yet. go tazz go. i would pray for ya ;)

if ur on my position, u lg skait hati. haha. my cgpa turun mendadak gile babeng.