Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back To Segamat

Aku sampai Uitm semalam. actually the supposed date for registration is on Friday tp my mum cant send us on that day. So, aku daftar hari Sabtu. Rommate aku of course la sume da sampai. But till now i havent seen Bella. she went to melaka right after she arrived here. She'll be back tomorrow. Talking about tomorrow, i will start my first day going to class for this semester. I wonder how is it going to be like. How's the lecturers and all the classmate. Hope that everything will be just fine. Aku rase bersemangat plak nak start semester ni. Banyak azam aku untuk semester ni. Mestila yg baik2 kan. sape yg ade azam buruk plak. hehe. I want to be nice to everyone. I mean nicer. Aku pun nak jd lebih rajin than before. I also wish to grab the Dean's title this semester. Huh. At least once. God help me! I have to increase my CGPA. I want to make ibu and ayah proud. hmm.. I miss home already. baru 2 hari kat cni da rindu plak. haih. the only good thing about this semester is every month we have one week holiday. Wow! best sial. huhu. Tomorrow after class, i have a promised with my bf. We havent met since the last one and a half month i think. Gosh i missed him loads. Encik Rafiz i miss u. Muahx!!

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