Sunday, July 13, 2008


Why things getting so far from me?
Far from what i thought..
Far when i need it..
Far when i chase it..
So far that i cant touch..
So far that i cant see..
So far that i cant dream..
Can u grab it for me?
Can u see it through me?
Cuz its getting far away from me..
Far away from my will..
Far away from my destiny..

p/s; kudos to Mr. Pot.


Anonymous said...

if you are far away from Allah, anything else will also far away from you..

have you realized that everything is belong to Allah? it is like your property, your room..your food,, your money.. if i am close to you, you might share what you have with me, isn't it?
the same concept apply here..

and it's never too late for us to repent.

tazz said...

thanx anonymous. care to tell me who are u? (: