Friday, July 18, 2008

Girl's Day Out

Yesterday, as planned, i went out to town with a friend; Ain. Tasha was supposed to go with us but she cancelled it at the last minute and she was, somehow, regretted it :p We have many many many plans to do. Me and Ain have no problem walking for the whole day cause our feet are used to it especially with this shopping work (:
I bought a soft-green shirt, dark-grey cardigan, light grey blouse, silky girl black eye-liner, white-silver pencilcase, vern's pump shoes, sony's earphone, stationery and some other stuff. We also hit Pizza (: Ain's treat. Thanx girl.

i love this shoe.

i bought this for 12rgt.haha

.i love paris.

.i love cardie.

.mushroom soup, pepsi and a garlic bread.

.royal masalla spicy (:.

.my seafood lasagna [half-eaten].

.ain punye spaghetti [half-eaten].


Muslimah said...
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[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

nak lasagna! =P

tazz said...

nak ke? dalam perut :p