Sunday, July 20, 2008


[mood; dizzy]
[music; Asna-Real]

Today i went out to town with the intention to buka puasa there. We (me, ayun, ain) left the campus at about 6pm. The actual plan is to hit Teratak, near Billion. Unluckily, the bus driver took us to the pasar malam area. We have no other choice so we change plan. the 1st thing to do is to buy some foods. we browsed the pasar malam. i bought 2 pieces of fried chicken n some chicken ass. haha. then we find a suitable place for buka puasa. We ordered meal and waited patiently for azan Maghrib.
After done eating, i decided to buy some buttons with different colors to change with my cardie's buttons. it looks so dull with the grey button which is exactly the same color of the cardie itself. i want it to be different. the mission seems to be postponed cuz i'd gave up searching. urgghh. people help me. where can i find those buttons? i bought 2 tshirt to match with my cardie. they are in white and purple. i bought Powder mag and Gempakstarz comic which is 'Skala Cinta 1.8 Meter Persegi'. After done buying, decided to go back to campus. We took a cab since there is no bus cause the time is already hit 9pm. Here's some pics. Enjoy~

one of my addiction

i never have this color of shirt so i'd like to try one

it look creased cuz i put it unfolded in the plastic. malas :p


wafi said...

puasa d hari sabtu...
keep blogging

tazz said...

puasa di bulan rejab la. ahah :p

nabilanazlan said...

tazz...komik tuh bes x??nak pinjam..heheheh