Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My 1st Day of Class.

Yesterday was my first class for this semester. It's quite ok i think. Just as usual, the first class shoulnd't be too long. it's only for the briefing about the subject and the lecturer gave us the course outline for our own referrence. Im in ACD5A6 class. I go to class with my friends Ain and Natasha. The boys in my class are all the person that i am familiar with but some of the girl are not. Haha. Lelaki semakin pupus sbb tu x ramai n sebab tu sume aku kenal. tapi name xkenal sgt la. (:

The first class was MAF310 which stands for Management Accounting which is more related with costing stuff. The lecturer is someone i bet all the DIA student are familiar with except for the new one. She's Puan Norfiza. Bekas Ketua
Pengarah for DIA. She's quite fun. The class are not boring at all. She told us that if we are aiming for something, we must aim higher than what we think we can actually do. But I aim to get an A for this subject. Not only for this subject. All of them. I just wish. And i will put more effort than my last did.

The second class was TAX320 which stands for Taxation1. The lecturer is Puan Normala. I wonder what is her age. If i look from her physical side, she is like my grandmom's age. Maybe her age is younger than how she looks. Thinking so much for her life maybe. hehe. She's quite fun i guess. Our first class was all about HUMAN BRAIN which is really not related with taxation by any way. For the whole of the class, i kept thinking what is Taxation that im taking actually. haha. Maybe it's only for our first class and thing
s will get normal after this. *i hope (:

The third class was LA
W346. I dont have to mention because i know that u guys already get what the course are actually about. It is PENGENALAN KEPADA UNDANG2 PERKONGSIAN DAN SYARIKAT. Law of course. The course name is in malay but we still study in English. The lecturer's name is....emmmm..aaa..CIK... Oh My, I forgot already. haha. its ok la. Baru 1st class kan. huhu. But she's a person that i think is a very religious person. Amin..

That's all the three class for yesterday. For today i only have one class which is MAF330. I will update after that. Off by now. papai (:

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