Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You name it.

[mood : sleepy]
[song : paramore-crush]

It's 11.21pm and im doing my not so daily routine; blogging. Not much to write for now as i have no idea what actually the things im going to write here. Today i have only one class which is finance class. so nothing much to do in the morning. i woke up a bit late today. ahah. the good news comes early in the morning when my friend inform about that ptptn loan which all of us, part 5 students are waiting for such a vitriolic time since last week. i have to buy some text book and manual. all of it cost about 200 and above. what an investment :D. and yes, i have to do some shopping. still dunno when will it be.

im fasting today. luckily i have friends. we bought some food straight after class. too much food till our stomach get overloaded. me myself had 2 fried chicken, keropok lekor, nuggets, cuttlefish balls and chicken chop. ahah :D. we cant finish it. then we invited some wingmate to finish it up. luckily they are hungry too. thanks to Ayu, Balkis and Ika :D.

I havent met my boyfriend today. I forgot about my promise yesterday. He want to go to the pasar together with me but then, i went to pasar with ain to buy our juadah bukak puase. i found hazman there and he was with his friend. my bf wasn't with him. i ask hazman where is he and he told me that he was already at home because their class had been cancelled. i felt relief :D. i dont have to feel guilty. yesterday he told me that he want to stay in college for this semester. maybe to spend more precious time with me since we will having a far distance relationship starting next semester. ceh. jiwang plak :D he will do his practical while i will struggling on my last semester as accountancy student. Time goes so fast. ):

off by now. chiao.


Cahaya~ said...

wehh. xyah nak mengada mention nama majlis2 perbandaran daerah tu. huhu. Hu..

tazz said...

haha. sukati ah. aku punye blog. :p