Friday, September 19, 2008


i miss my girlfriends. my pretty girlfriends. i came to the idea posting this entry is when i browsing through myspace which i rarely online with these past few weeks. so here's the picture of them. they are getting prettier and prettier. damn. im so jealous. haha.

my lesbo partner. haha. for me, she's a good friend. always have time for her friends. she never missed to come to my house for any bbq party. she eats a lot. haha. she's crazy and naughty. i love the t-shirt she gave my on my birthday this year. i love u girl. do well in whatever u do okay.

she was one of my closest friend in school. i know her family well and her former bf too. she got herself a new bf now. i hope she's happy with him.

she's fun. someone who can lighten up ur days with her bright smile. when she lived in puchong, i'd always came to her house studying together with her brother,Aidzat, my mom's menantu idaman. haha. they are fun. we laughed a lot instead of study. but they had moved to Bangi now. i miss u guys.

she can do western cook. i love to come to her house eating whatever she cook for me. the best i can remember is lasagna. we do many crazy things back then. changing clothes and taking pics, cut our hair in her mom's room, playing with her mom's make-up kit, eating banana with hot chocolate. that was all in a memory. we haven't meet for almost a year i think. where are u nad? i miss u la. everyone miss u.


EA said...

Comey comey.....

tazz said...

hhehe. kak izzaty pon comeyl gak (:

[e.i.y.k.a.a] said...

i know these girls..
were my seniors back then in puchong.

tazz said...

oow really? mesti diorg knal eykaa gak (:


both o' em are gorgeous...dun bee jealous lah dear, u're oso pretty lor..(suke lah tu aku puji..tengok...senyum sorang2...)

tazz said...

haha. mcm tau2 je ko ni kan. bijak sungguh. hehe

Anonymous said...

babe...just nak tny...syamila tu...dulu skola rendah dgn kite ke?

tazz said...

yup. tp kejap jek.