Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ethics of Sleeping

Hi everyone. It's already late at night and I'm about to hit the pillow but before that, I want to share some cute doodles shared by my classmate through our class' official Whatsapp group. Hihi. It's about the Ethic of Sleeping. The only thing I care to do before my everyday sleep is to wish good night to loved ones, set the alarm, and get my hugging pillow and blanket just right to get me comfortable throughout the night. Well then, let's look at the doodles and make it a practice to get a more better sleep :)

 And don't fart during your sleep or else the wuduq will batal. Okay joking.

 *actually i do this whenever i go to bed*

 Never heard about blowing it into our hands and wipe over our face and body.
Gonna do it after this and make it a habit :)

I sleep like this! Sometimes. Hihi

Okay guys, thanks for reading and Good Night 


sizuka[Izzati] said...

super adorable doodle~!insyaAllah boleh diamalkan lepas ni hehehe.

Taz Jaafar said...

Kann? Hehe. Hai Izzati! Lama tak nampak :p

Lyaa Suriany said...

comel sangat sangat ler doodle tersebut okeh

ape pulak tak ingat
salu je bace tweet taz tu...
kite ni silent follower

Nazry Iskandar said...

Lame tak nampak Taz update blog haha!

Taz Jaafar said...

Lyaa; Hihi. Kemain silent reader. kite pun silent reader awak :p

Nazry: Kannn? tetiba mood datang :p